Personal Taxes

Failure to Pay Owed Taxes Will Result in Penalties, Interest and Liens, Along With Frozen Bank Accounts and Seized Personal Property

ImageDespite the worst recession to ever grip the United States, the Internal Revenue Service has added massive resources and manpower to track down past due tax revenue. If you miss filing in any year, they may file for you, generally with a much higher tax due figure.

The IRS’ ultimate weapon is the Federal Tax Lien. Needing neither a court order nor advance notification, the IRS can and will put a lien on all of your property—bank accounts, your wages, retirement accounts, homes, personal property, on and on. The impact on your life can be devastating, while your credit score plummets.

Many taxpayers believe that by ignoring the problem, somehow it will go away. Unfortunately, the IRS never goes away.

The experts at Madison Tax Group have years of experience dealing with the IRS, and have enjoyed a spectacular rate of success in negotiating vastly reduced settlements, and even eliminating taxes owed entirely.

ImageOur unique 2-Phase approach helps relieve you of the immediate pressure of harassing phone calls and letters, while providing you with options that work in your favor. Contact us immediately to find out how we can give you peace of mind, so you can put this nightmare behind you. Fill out this quick form, or call us at 1-888-TAX-5060 (829-5060).